How to enable AV1 support?

AV1 is a product of the Alliance for Open Media (AOM). AOM was founded in September 2015 by Google, Mozilla, Cisco, Microsoft, Netflix, Amazon, and Intel to create the next generation video codec for the Internet. Recently, Youtube is working on AV1 support. we can set AV1 as preference encodes at Youtube!

How to try it?

You can open the url, If your browser support AV1, it show like that:   You can set your AV1 preference. If your browser doesn’t support AV1, the pages looks like this: But, you can try to enable AV1 support: For Firefox, open about:config?filter=media.av1.enabled, search media.av1.enabled, set it to true: Now, try it again. For Chrome-like, open chrome://flags/#enable-av1-decoder, set Enable AV1 video decoding. to Enabled. And try again.

Now, test it at Youtube

Open Youtube AV1 Beta Launch Playlist, play it. Right click video, open Stats for Nerds. And if Codecsis something like av01.***. You are in!


Robert Lu





Robert Lu