A freshman was expelled, because of killing a stray cat

In 10th, Sep, a stray cat was killed, by bows and arrows. A member from the animal protection society of HBUE(Hubei University of Economics) said that the cat was found in the trash, then sent to the hospital for surgery. Unfortunately, the cat was dead. He said, “When he is killing the cat, His friend is recording video” In 18th, Sep, HBUE announces that the cat-killer is a freshman from further education college, enrolled in 2018. And, the killing didn’t happen on campus. The police were investing. In 20th, Sep, the college announces that the freshman was expelled. That’s what happened.

Is there any law he violated?

Strictly, It’s Cruelty to animals(according to P.L. 89-544, which is American law). But in China, there isn’t a specific law to protect pets. Sadly, the freshman’s behave isn’t illegal.

So, how about regulations?

According to the college’s announcement, [caption id=”attachment_924” align=”alignnone” width=”750”] Announcement from HBUE, source: https://weibo.com/2174871542/GAfikEJlx\[/caption\] the college just announces the punishment but doesn’t give the specific regulations. It’s really unprofessional. It seems like we punish him, just because he violated the regulation which doesn’t exist. When some bad thing happened, we should think about it. Why there isn’t a low for an animal’s welfare? We shouldn’t be happy just for punishment without clear regulation. At the same time,

Today he kills the cat. Tomorrow, He will kill people.

is widely spread in Weibo bizarrely. They asks for punishment with one voice, but not for a fair law.

Let’s narrow it to laws and regulations:

  • The college should explain the regulation that the freshman violated.
  • The animal protection society should peal for making animal protection law, not just asking for punishment for a specific man.
  • The stray animal should be protected, restrained properly.
  • The eco-catastrophe caused by the stray animal should be seriously discussed.

A freshman was expelled, because of killing a stray cat



Robert Lu





Robert Lu