The woman on the bus was molested

On 25th, Sep, domestic violence happened at a bus at Beiliu City, Guangxi Provence. According to the video, a woman moved to bus’s roar exit gate, trying to get off at the next station. The man pulled the woman off the rear of the bus while the woman tried holding on the handles. The man threw the girl to the last row of seat and sat beside her. The woman was screaming throughout the video. At first, the video is thought to have happened at Zhongshan City, Guangdong Provence. After investing, police at Zhongshang declared that it didn’t happen in Zhongshan. Later, a reporter contacted the police in Beiliu City, Guangxi Provence, which confirmed the violence happen at Beiliu City, Guangxi Provence. Sadly, the police’s response in the video shows the lack of legal knowledge:

“The man and the woman are factual marriage, which means they haven’t registered, hadn’t a marriage certificate. They have one child. The woman is too young to register for marriage. And the police has told the man not to use violence.”

According to Chinese laws, the statement from police doesn’t make sense. Factual marriage was deprecated since 1994, and it should be considered illegal cohabitation. The police should know it well. By all means, neither the marriage or the child doesn’t make the domestic violence legal. So, Why didn’t the police protect the woman? We should notice that no one stood up to protect the woman at the bus. But the most important things is the police just tried to muddle through, not protect the woman.


Robert Lu





Robert Lu